Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spring Break!

One of the beautiful things about teaching is that I still get those breaks. This past week I've had a glorious time getting up late, working on art, eating junk, and in general bumming around. I'm still working on those batiks and finally (finally!) am done dyeing and ironing out all the wax. So today I'm to the very exciting part of assembling it all together like a puzzle with no rules (no edge pieces, no middle pieces, just pieces that can go anywhere). I'll post a picture when I'm done.

Besides art, I did something this week that I've wanted to do since I got here: I went to the Zoo. And I wasn't disappointed. I saw gorillas and rhinos and ringtailed lemurs for the first time in real life. I got to pet some goats and a donkey named Julie. I heard the loud cry of a peacock (holy cow!) and marveled at the wide face of an orangutan (so cool). Anyways, it capped off my spring break.

Oh - and this week has been sandwiched by trips to the basement! Last Sunday Maria was watching her show when it was interrupted forever by the weatherman, tracking a storm moving in. Pretty soon the sirens around us went off and we all went downstairs. I'm not used to all this tornado stuff so it was kind of fun, in a nothing-actually-happened kind of way. And then yesterday I was sitting on a front stoop watching a thunderstorm move in at the end of a hot day and journaling when all of a sudden marble sized hail started dropping from the sky and the sirens started going off again. So Maria and I (since we were the only ones home) went downstairs to the basement again - but soon came back up despite the fact that the sirens were still going for a bit. So now I've had enough experience with storms and tornado warnings for the fun novelty of it all to rub off. But (as I thought last Sunday while in the basement) at least now I have something to write about for my blog!


Maria said...

I want to see pictures of the zoo!!

dalley said...

what up sis this blog thing is kinda cool and yeah pictures of the zoo would be nice. whats up with that?

Melody said...

I just thought of the most annoying nickname for you EVER. I know you never liked Alley cat & I didn't come up with that one, but what a b o u t Katie Kat. Oh, that hurt me to write -- the misspelling, that is. I almost want to erase it, but the point is that it's annoying. So it stays. Anyway, I know what you're saying about the storms . . . only in TN a bunch (20some) of people died. We are OK though, and now Spring is here and the weather is wonderful & I even studied in peace with some nasty looking wasps today. Happy Spring Break!