Sunday, April 30, 2006

Two weeks worth of firsts:

1. First off, two weeks ago, I experienced my first Easter service that involved streamers, confetti, and noisemakers at Jeff St. Baptist Church - it was so much fun that my roommates and I had trouble stopping ourselves from rejoicing.

2. My first time ever having Easter Monday off (three cheers for Catholic schools!).

3. My first extended period of time driving Edgar, the program's stickshift Geo. Andrea and I drove all the way to Grand Rapids, Michigan for the weekend - and got amazing gas mileage. I only stalled maybe once (with a quick recovery!).

4. Last weekend was the first time I had been back on Calvin's campus since I graduated - I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing (which was an excellent event and involves writers small and great talking about their craft - this year's authors included Marilynne Robinson, Salman Rushdie, Thomas Lynch, and the Pinkneys).

5. Last Monday evening I attended my first community action - it was for a affordable housing trust fund for metro Louisville - coordinated by CLOUT (). We all met in a church and cheered and clapped and did a call and response ("Knock. Knock." - "Open the door!") and held our breathes while two city councilmen committed their support (at least, I was on the edge of my seat). It was great.

6. Just this last Thursday evening I found myself standing in a pasture watching a herd of llamas gallop toward me for the first time in my life ... ever. My host family, the Jupins, picked me up unexpectedly after work and treated me such an experience at their friend's llama farm. Really, it was amazing and incredibly strange to watch. I think llamas have made it onto my list of animals to own at some point, along with goats, donkeys, cats, and a boxer dog.

Well, I think that's it. Although this next weekend I have one more big first coming up:

THE KENTUCKY DERBY! Which, from what I've heard, is going to be an experience. I also get Thursday and Friday off from school this week since this is Kentucky's biggest holiday. Yahooo!

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