Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last Day of School!

...except there is always summer school.

Graduation for the 8th graders was nice. The local newspaper wrote an article on the school and graduation.... and yeah - I'll finish this post later.


Pictures will eventually be posted here. It was a beautiful day. My horses did not win. My cat next year (if my roommates still let me get one!) will be named Barbaro after the winning horse (who was the favorite the day of the race and so of course I didn't bet on him). But it makes for a kind of cool cat name - sort of pirate-ish, you know?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

For Mary: Dawn at the Downs

This past Wednesday at quarter to 7 in the morning, Emily and Andi and I went to Churchill Downs to see the Derby horses warming up and training and such. We are all going to the Derby this Saturday, but from what we've come to understand, we'll be in the infield which equals not actually being able to see the horses racing (unless you get a spot by the high fence - topped by barbed wire to keep us crazies in the infield, well, in). SO: it was cool to be able to see the horses and pretend that I was sitting in the box seats at the edge of the track.

Gate 1

The Twin Spires
Brother Derek - the favorite (3 to 1) for this year's Derby

Coming around the bend