Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Winter Wonderland

I love Colorado -

it snowed all day today - I felt like a little kid again. While everyone was grumbling at work, I was secretly imagining going on a walk with the neighbor's dog as soon as I got home. Which I did. Edgar and I were running around in a local park all by our lonesomes (apparently no one else wanted to venture out into the snow - it was really coming down) - we were both a little crazy: Edgar rolling around and acting weird and me laughing and running around and acting weird. It was great.

Apparently, Colorado has quick weather - a guy who came into the office today told me how a couple of years ago it was 91 degrees one day and then only 36 hours later it started to snow and snowed a couple of inches! Now that is crazy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

And the goodness keeps rolling in: another perk in the life of the working girl

So - after listing all the apparent perks to my job yesterday, I walked into the office today pretty content. Only to find out there was more in store for me. Apparently, today was Staff Appreciation Day in the world of the International Student and Scholars Services office (ISSS - one of two parts of my office). And I was invited along. So approximately at 10:30 this morning I found myself on one of those portable massage chairs where you lean forward getting a massage. Nice. Work just keeps getting better and better.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Perks of Work: the other side to the life of a working girl

1. Okay, so I work at the International House at Denver University which houses both the study abroad offices and the international student services offices. Plus, it is in an old sorority house so there is a lot of common space that people in the community use. So, this past week there was some dinner from which there was lots of leftovers. This means that I have been eating excellent Argentinian food for the past two lunches. And I guess that sort of thing happens a lot. Yum!

2. This past weekend I was invited by one of the international advisors to join her on a student retreat - so I found myself up in the mountains with some really cool people from all around the world. And I got to sit in on some great conversations about identity and culture and things that really made me think - it was glorious. I felt very affirmed in this job - and really alive after such great conversations.

3. I've already mentioned this in a previous post but it is too good to not say again: I have a sparkly little sticker on my DU id which allows me to ride anywhere at anytime on public transportation for free! (And soon DU will get a lightrail going straight to it - yes!)

4. Unlike my last job, where teachers were warning me to not smile until Christmas, in this job I'm encouraged to smile my little heart out.

5. I get to help lost looking students out and reassure them that they are indeed in the right place and we can indeed help them with what they need.

6. The staff is pretty awesome - already I have a great book on loan from one advisor - and there is another Calvin alum already in the office!

And finally, this isn't a perk but I think I'm getting a little more used to working all day long in such an office environment and getting up early and so am not nearly as exhausted now at the end of the day! Yes!