Thursday, March 23, 2006

St. Patty's Bash and Jamboree Supreme: sliced digits and pots upon pots of boiled cabbage

16 people (it was a lot). All around our table eating corned beef and cabbage (plus green jello and salad with "green goddess" dressing). Dyeing your beer green was optional (and proved to also stain teeth). Four burners glowing and two crock pots chugging away (and a batch of rolls in the oven). In the flurry of last minute cooking, I sliced away a part of the tip of my index finger (don't worry, I washed the cabbage off). Our friends, Ian and Kate, helped chop the rest of the onions and cabbage while I was bandaged up by "Dr." Keith (he had to put a lot of gauze on it so my finger looked a little like a cartoon character's bulbous finger).

It was a fine night. Andi colored in placemats, Maria sported her Guinness hat, and Keith looked decidedly dressed for the occassion. We all ate in a long banquet table and talked and stuffed ourselves. Ah. Then we split into various games of darts and Dutch Blitz as well as Try-to-See-How-Many-Leftovers-You-Can-Fit-in-the-Fridge.

I had some more leftovers today for lunch (cabbage is still coming out of our ears).

So, here are some pictures - enjoy!

Full banquet table!

Emily with perhaps a little too much St. Patty spirit?

Green Goddess! (and salad dressing - just kidding - that's Andi)

Risky dartboard maneuvers.
Cartoon finger.

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Anonymous said...

where can i get a sweet hat like that?
ryan from alaska