Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Headbanging to the Whole Wide World

Which is a song featured on the movie Stranger than Fiction (very good - watch it if you haven't already). I'm a little nervous about putting it on my iPod because I might then be induced to take my headbanging public (on the bus, on the sidewalk to the library, pretty much anywhere I go by myself). Speaking of which, yesterday I was walking to McDonald's to get a movie (yes, a movie from McDonald's - the insiduous effect of Redbox (a dollar a night for a movie which comes out of a vending machine)) and realized that I didn't have my iPod. Now, I haven't had my iPod that long and it's surprising and extremely disturbing how it has become an extension of my body. I felt naked without it. Listen to the birds chirping? Hear my own breath and footsteps? Listen to my own thoughts a little more clearly? What?


Now - has last night's experience and realization changed how much I listen to it? Nope! I like my life with a constant muscial soundtrack. Especially the hour and a half I spend on the bus each day.

Plus, I think my iPod might have a secret and mysterious protection device which keeps me from harm when I listen to it. Listen: so, like I said, last night I didn't have it and was walking to McDonald's and was crossing a street when the little walking light man said I could when a man dressed in a Star Trek suit tried to run me over. Seriously. You never know the powers wrapped up in a little stick of electronicity or whatever.

And, I know what you're thinking (well, at least I'm going to presume I do), that it's dangerous because anyone could creep up on me unexpectedly while I'm walking in the dark.

A. I don't walk in the dark. Or at least not with my iPod. Or at least not with my iPod all that loud.

B. I always expect the unexpected. Or at least nearly always. Or at least when it's expected.