Sunday, March 12, 2006

birthday bash: half-frosted cakes and decorated place mats

With a new year of my life starting, I finally decided: no more mass e-mails which I never actually get around to writing! No more feeling guilty about sending people long updates which they might not want! Now the power is in your hands - you may or may not check up on me as often or inoften as you like! So, to get started:

My birthday was great - my roommates kept making little references about it all day long
(i.e. I got into a car and it became the "birthday wagon" and giving me cool cards covered with goats or handdrawn birthday cakes). I came home to a gorgeous bunch of Gerber daisies waiting on the table for me - thanks to Mike and Abby. We all ate out at a Thai restaruant which was delicious and I received an awesomely decorated place mat with me and a goat on a Thai houseboat compliments of Andi. And then we went next door to Borders and bummed around (me in the children's picture books section).

To top it all off, we came home to Black Forest Cake which I enjoyed making (and eating) -
unfortunately, I was a little short on whipping cream so the cake was only half festooned with extra sugar.

Times are good!
Oh - and I started batiking this weekend - I'm excited to have several projects going for different people!

Well, I can't be too long winded - I'm going to go watch Monsoon Wedding.



Maria said...

love the new blog!!

Andrea said...

you're a natural [blogger]. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Your card is in the mail we are running a little behind we enjoyed your pictures and your blog Love Gram & Gramp

Sandy Phanthasone said...

Katie! Miss you! Glad you are doing well. Happy Belated Birthday! Will you be back for my wedding on July 1st? If so let me know your address so that I can send the invitation!

Anne said...

Katie!! Happy belated birthday:) I don't even know whether you got my Christmas card, so... hm. What's your current address? Where can I send you coool treats from Germany? I miss you greatly and wish you could be back here visiting me.
Anne :)

Anonymous said...

Is this really easier and more of a timesaver then writing one mass email? It appears to me that this is the same thing but what would your older brother know anyway? I enjoyed it though, nice flowers you've got there. Happy birthday and keep writing, can't wait to see you in June.

Anonymous said...

mooooore blooggs! I want more blogs. Nice pictures. mooooore pictures! I want more pictures! ps - I just went to a farm that raises fainting goats. -Melody-