Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Winter Wonderland

I love Colorado -

it snowed all day today - I felt like a little kid again. While everyone was grumbling at work, I was secretly imagining going on a walk with the neighbor's dog as soon as I got home. Which I did. Edgar and I were running around in a local park all by our lonesomes (apparently no one else wanted to venture out into the snow - it was really coming down) - we were both a little crazy: Edgar rolling around and acting weird and me laughing and running around and acting weird. It was great.

Apparently, Colorado has quick weather - a guy who came into the office today told me how a couple of years ago it was 91 degrees one day and then only 36 hours later it started to snow and snowed a couple of inches! Now that is crazy!


Maria said...

yuck I am not ready for snow - glad you are! And I can just picture you and Edgar and it makes me laugh.

Keith said...

We got no snow, not until February they say, February! If even. But it will get freezing cold and windy...so they say.