Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blizzard Wonders and Woes

So, have you ever heard the wind in that Louis Armstrong song "Zat you Santa Claus" ? Because that is what it sounds like outside my window right now.

Today, I left for work at quarter to 6 am and there was maybe a half of an inch to an inch of snow on the ground. Now, 18 hours later, there is close to what must be three feet. There are buried lumps of cars in our back driveway. My roommates and I were all released from work this morning so we could get home without incident (besides the awful traffic). And now we also have tomorrow off and maybe a delayed Friday. It is an early Christmas treat!

Unfortunately, though, the weather has closed the airport which ended up meaning that both of my roommates' Thursday evening flights were cancelled. So they were scrambling tonight to set up different plans - which turned up to being flying home on Christmas and on the 28th. It is truly disappointing and really puts a damper on what at first seemed to be a fun way to get out of work.

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