Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Life of the Working Girl

Here are signs that point to the life of a working girl (well, this working girl, anyways):

1. Obsessive (as my roommate Erin calls it) ironing of the next day's workshirt. Thank you Grandma for your lesson on how to iron a shirt.

2. Making lunch the night before as if I were in fourth grade again.

3. Complaining of sore feet yet still attempting to wear heels to work the next day.

4. Flashing a new Denver Univ. id with its metallic year-long bus pass sticker at the bus driver.

5. Getting up consistently at a time I haven't gotten up at since I did the paper route as a kid. (Actually, it's not that bad, I get up at 5:45 - but still.)

6. Seeing the sunrise shine through the capitol building in downtown Denver on my way to catch the light rail.

7. Riding the light rail - ahhhh.

8. Sporting a new chic watch - oh so stylish and helpful in catching one's bus on time.

9. Getting incredibly sleepy at 9:37 at night.

10. Reciting, "Good Afternoon/Morning, Office of Internationalization" over and over again until I'm sure I'm saying it in my sleep. (You try saying "internationalization" without slurring it or wanting to laugh at the end.)

11. Finally understanding why Wednesday is called "hump day" - thank goodness - the weekend is nigh!

Oop - better go make my lunch and head to bed.

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Maria said...

i enjoyed this blog, just so you are aware and contiune writing them :)